Going live

From “My Videos” menu select “New Video”, then choose the “Go Live!”  tab. Now, enter all the information related to the live:

  • title and description (mandatory fields);
  • cover image, series and category of which the video will be part, and the privacy option of the video (optional fields);

Then, if you wish, you can use the “Schedule” option to set the date and time you want your live to be broadcasted; after entering all the required information, click on “Go Live!”. In the following page you’ll have to choose if you want to go live by using our app or OBS; if you choose the last option, please take note of the two values which will be displayed, the Live Server and the Stream Key, which you'll need during the Auto-configuration wizardas explained in "Going live with OBS".

Going live with OBS

What can I do during a live?